It took me about 2 years of convincing to start Jiu Jitsu. Once I did, I regretted not starting sooner. I instantly caught the BJJ bug. I truly believe the fun, laid back, and family atmosphere of The Stronghold is a major factor why I continue my Jiu Jitsu journey with this academy. Whatever your reason for starting BJJ, from the owners, professors, coaches and teammates, The Stronghold is a great place to learn and “Trust in the Gentle Art” Oss. -Sonny Soellner

I had been practicing Jiu Jitsu for a year and a half before receiving my blue belt. When I joined, I did not join with the intention of earning belts or winning medals but rather to learn a skill that benefited me both mentally and physically. My time and experience with Jiu Jitsu at Stronghold has opened me up to awesome experiences and even more amazing people. My journey thus far has been overflowing with knowledge and techniques to learn, and I look forward to continuing my Jiu Jitsu journey one class at a time. Oss! -Carl Phelps