CrossFit WOD for Wednesday 10.12.11

To stay true to the CrossFit standards of variance, today we will focus on finding our 2,000m row times. We in the past, have used the row as a working rest during some of our met-cons and never worked on the intensity of our row. So today, we will put the same effort on the “erg” as we would if we were running 800m on the track.

Food for Thought: Rowing demands more muscular strength than running.

Even when you are pacing yourself, the muscles that are involved are constantly at work and any deviance from technique, will cause your muscles to work harder. So maintain good conscious technique rather than just going through the motions. In light of our fitness goals and quest to be better conditioned, let’s give our max effort on today’s WOD and treat it like were going for a max deadlift. ~Ace


4 Rounds – 2000m Row with 1 minute rest in between