The Stronghold offers Jiu Jitsu for Ages 3-17. Bring your child in to try our classes for FREE!

Jiu Jitsu: Our Jiu Jitsu Program will help your child develop discipline, respect, and self-confidence in a friendly and safe environment. We offer a Toddlers Class (Ages 3-4), Kids Class (Ages 5-12), and Teens (Ages 13-17).

Whether your child is looking to become a seasoned competitor or is simply looking for a fun and exciting hobby, our program can be tailored to fit your needs. The Stronghold is a family-friendly environment. We offer a Kids Playroom for younger siblings to play in while older kids are in class.

Try our Kids Jiu Jitsu Program for a Week FREE!

Free Week Trials available at our Point Loma, Eastlake and Rancho Bernardo locations! Call or text us to schedule your first class at 619.674.4677

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