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December 21, 2018

We are excited to share that earlier this month, 6 of our Inspire Program students competed at a Grappling X Jiu Jitsu tournament alongside 10 of their Stronghold teammates. As a Inspired Charter Vendor we have had the privilege of serving many San Diego homeschooling families and making great friends. Included below is a wonderful message from our Inspire teacher, Bob Smith to the Inspire team (Bob also has 2 kids in our Program). We invite you and your families to check out what The Stronghold is all about this year and in the upcoming New Year. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our families to yours!

Just a quick update, six of our seven Stronghold Inspire students participated yesterday in the Grappling X Winter Games Jiu Jitsu tournament in San Ysidro, and it was a huge success!

Gabe and Chase Morrison (grades 1 and 3) both participated in their first ever Jiu Jitsu tournament, and the experience was perhaps best described by their mom Beth on her FB page as “stepping outside our comfort zone.”  She’s absolutely right – as a parent allowing one’s child to compete in a sport in which the objective is to choke or hyper-extend the joints of one’s opponent flies in the face of all our parental instincts to keep our children safe.  And for a child to step onto a mat with a stranger to compete with and against these skills takes tremendous courage because there’s nowhere to hide and no one else to blame.

Alex Smith and Natalia Smith (grades 7 and 10) each won gold in their divisions, winning “best of three” matches by submission against opponents from City Heights and Tijuana, Mexico respectively.  Jacob Cusi (grade 5) won gold in his yellow belt division, and then defeated an orange belt (higher rank) by submission with one second left to win gold in that division too.  Michaela Cusi (grade 2) faced perhaps the biggest challenge of the day, winning gold in a field of ten competitors, including three boys.

We’re back to school today, and we’ll all talk about the experience and get back to our studies.  We have video shot with mobile phone cameras, and official video from the tournament will be available next week.  A highlight video is planned, and we’re happy to share if you or anyone at Inspire is interested. The next tournament is the highly competitive “Tap Cancer Out” fundraiser on February 2.